Date: October 07, 2014 – November 02, 2014 Address: Hwang Gallery 39-10 Main Street, Suite 303, Flushing, New York 11354 Contact: 212-225-8400 Contemporary artist Jane Liu’s is known for her dynamic and colorful abstract oil paintings. As an artist, art writer, and curator, Jane Liu dedicates her career to the cause of cultural exchange between Eastern and Western art societies. Regarding this upcoming solo exhibition, Jane Liu stated, “I am very pleased to be chosen by the Hwang Gallery for this solo exhibition. It is exciting to be recognized in the art capital of the world (NYC).” Because of her Eastern aesthetic background and Western academic training, her paintings reveal a philosophical perspective using abstract elements. Her large size paintings feature strong emotion through abstract expression. Bold brush strokes and use of color fabricate negative and positive spaces. Dynamic movements generate a visceral dialogue between viewers and the paintings.   Jane Liu’s inspirations (more or less) are from the world around us. In some paintings, such as GREEN FIELD, and BROKEN SEA, the subject of the work is quite recognizable. In others, such as BLUE SUN and FOUND, the subject matter is obscure or perhaps absent; and in ETUDE we see shapes and colors more suggestive of a musical composition rather than something from the visible world.   “People think that abstract paintings are difficult to understand, the marks on the canvas look unstructured, and even accidental,” Jane said. “However, as an artist, I think that creating an abstract painting requires logical and systematic methods. The process of making abstract art is often about problem solving.   Despite the differing degrees of abstraction in this exhibition there are two things that strongly unite the works. One is Jane's compelling representation of visual space and depth. Her strong compositions create a credible three-dimensional environment, which draw us in and invite us to explore. At the same time, Jane's use of color and gestural marks (Jane rarely uses paint brushes), presents a lively surface to the canvas, which we can enjoy for its own sake.   Secondly, Jane's paintings express powerful emotions. Most often they come from the hopes and fears of the unknown. Often they are encouraging (TOMORROW), though sometimes they are daunting (BROKEN SEA and RUN TO), and challenge us to find the courage to embrace an uncertain future.