Date: December 02, 2014 – December 21, 2014 In the context of postmodernism, painters strive to break out of the rigid confines of modern art to bring forth significant conceptual and formal changes. Lin Shien-Mao's recent Dancer Series has a rare quality of being complex, ambivalent, multifaceted, and equivocal among conventional and modern paintings. In “Animated Dancers”, the dazzling dynamics of color replaces the basic contours of limbs as the artist's focus. Objects turned into mental images become the reference point of the artist's inner emotions, the symbol of his aesthetic ideas. In “Eden of the Green”, with the mysterious atmosphere of the green garden of Eden, the bodies dance to release their youthful energy. Objects are liberated from their everyday function, and transformed into mental images that serve as an emotional anchor for the artist. In Lin’s Dancer Series, dancing bodies are staged on an empty background; these works offer analogies of human life tinged with contradictions, violence, and conflict. Finding it difficult to position themselves in front of them, the viewers are left with a vague sense of uneasiness and anxiety, which characterizes the works as instances of contemporary painting in the context of postmodern art. Some call Lin Shien-Mao "an explorer of the consciousness ," mainly due to his sensitivity to the impermanence and inconstancy of life. His Dancer series prompted by a fervent inquiry into life contains images related to time such as vortex, ribbons, blurring, violence, floating, distortion, disfiguration, pauses, and uncertainty. As an artist of high aims, Lin's vigorous art practice suggests a sense of urgency towards life. The images and their rich, unnamed passion project a trajectory of his dedicated exploration of life. Life is like a drama and what Lin has in mind is the quality of life, rather than its duration.