(Dancer Series) Solo Exhibition-舞魅系列油畫個展

About Shien-Mao Lin 關於藝術家林憲茂

10848593_369470806561010_246766729615753777_oContemporary artist Shien-Mao Lin is known for his dynamic and colorful abstract oil paintings. His abstract dancer series will be shown at Hwang Gallery in Flushing New York beginning on Dec 2,2014 through Dec. 21,2014. 黃氏藝廊將於12月2日至12月21日展出林憲茂的現代抽象繪畫。畫展的開幕茶會時間為12月06日下午兩點至四點。 Shien-Mao Lin, born in 1955 into a family of doctors in Taichung, Taiwan, was expected by his father and grandfather to pursue medicine as the direction of his profession. One can only imagine the disturbance Lin caused in the family when he announced he’d dedicate himself to painting instead of becoming a doctor. 林憲茂,1955年生於台中大里,爺爺及父親兩代都是醫生世家,理所當然必要承接懸壺濟世的續傳使命, 卻出乎期待地走入了不為家裡長輩接受的藝術生涯,人生有許多的選擇, 在人生需做的許多選擇裡,或許冥冥中,也有些許的命定或天意吧! 1504421_369470713227686_961802273992668524_oWithout family support and without receiving formal schooling in art, Lin had to play a lone hand. He continued practicing and refining his painting techniques and had his very first solo exhibition when he was 22 years old at the Taichung office of United States Information Service (USIS), which started a new chapter in his pursuit in art and also showed his determination and ambition in becoming an artist. 他,決定走入揮灑翩翩的彩色人生,卻選擇了單打獨鬥,也不循既定的傳統教育機制或是師從流派,在那個時代環境,要破繭非常困難,而他卻能早早立足於省展機制,並在22歲 (1977年) 就在當時台中的美國新聞處,開了人生的第一次個展。 他或許不是畫家中最早做出個展的人,但至少可以確定的是,他意志堅定,雄心勃勃,這絕對是成為畫家並可以在藝術領域不斷持續創作的一個重要因素。 In 1980, Lin applied for the 34th annual Provincial Exhibition, one of the main official art exhibitions in Taiwan back then. Lin’s painting made it to the final round of competition; however his painting was being left on the side because the frame of his painting was broken. Fortunately one of the jury members, De-Jing Shiy, rectified the situation and Lin won the special jury award in the end. A complete stranger to Lin, Shiy’s act of grace has brought him a great deal of encouragement. It was one of most memorable moments in Lin’s career as an artist. 在1980年他參加當時的第34屆台灣省展 (當時台灣主要的官辦美展),在進入決選的過程中,他單薄的線框已損壞分離,畫被閒置在旁,被當時眼尖的評審老師席德進(SHIY DEJINN) 先生(1923-1981),撿回竟而脫穎而出,成了少數優選之一。此舉,對年少的林憲茂來說,無非是注入一針鼓舞的強心劑,也對席先生素昧平生的提攜恩澤,充滿感念10856820_368583123316445_5044290551358252233_oSince 1977, Lin has had 24 solo exhibitions and has exhibited in more than 40 countries across China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, United States, Latin America, and Russia. From 2010 to 2014 Lin has a record of 42 successful auction results in cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Taipei. 迄今,林憲茂已經個展24次,其參展足跡更遍及中國、日本、韓國、歐美、中南美、俄羅斯等40餘國。於2010年至2014年間在台北、廣州、上海等城市累積了42筆成功拍賣紀錄。 (開幕茶會現代舞者紀雅婷 Opening Reception Modern Dancer Ya-Ting Chi) 黃氏藝廊第一屆藝術合作計劃: 舞蹈藝術家紀雅婷 黃氏藝廊很榮幸能邀請到紀雅婷小姐為林憲茂老師的現代繪畫<舞魅系列>油畫個展編舞,於12月6日的開幕茶會做開場演出。雅婷出生於台北。她畢業於紐約大學舞蹈教育學系,並且訓練於荷西‧李蒙,馬克莫里斯現代舞蹈學院。她時常參與多種不同形式的表演, 例如美國大學舞蹈節, 紐約大學網際網路連線表演, 紐約舞蹈遊行, 布魯克林東堡藝術節以及伊斯朵拉‧鄧肯生日慶典等等。雅婷喜歡嘗試跨領域合作,她經常與傑出的音樂家,視覺藝術家以及不同的設計師合作,在每一次交流中,帶來許多創作的驚喜,擦出不同凡響的藝術火花。 Collaborative Artist Series- Dance Artist: YA-TING CHI It’s our pleasure to collaborate with Ya-Ting Chi and have her choreograph a special dance for Shien-Mao Lin’s <Dancer Series> Solo Exhibition. 10689889_368314640009960_8711030307859319076_nYa-Ting Chi, a native of Taipei. She graduated from NYU Dance Education program and trained in Jose limon Institute and Mark Morris Dance Group Teacher Training Program. She has performed in many concerts, collaborative projects and festivals in Taiwan and many cities across the United States such as American College Dance Festival, NYU Internet 2, New York Dance Parade, Westbeth Dance Festival, Dumbo Dance Festival and Isadora Duncan’s Birthday, and etc. Interdisciplinary collaboration is the key focus of her dance choreography. For each season, she has collaborated with outstanding composers, visual artists, and designers in the new dance creation.