1.31.'15 Lecture by Pi-Chou Cheng/ 鄭弼洲 <心中的月> 講座

1907513_393865554121535_8882090114112415865_nNearly a century ago, the progress of Chinese culture changed when Western cultures were introduced to. Cheng's paintings identify the harmonious transition between the two worlds and the coexistence of the old with the new.許多相似且以月亮為題的創作,用以今日(現代)的創作思惟與表現,也算是對傳統文化的一種重溫和再現新貌。任何世代都可說是過去與未來的橋梁,東方文化從傳統轉化到今日的二十一世紀,即使相同的手法,面對不同的朝代與時空也都累積堆疊出令人印象深刻且耐人尋味的藝術佳作。Pi-Chou Cheng is a graduate of the National Taiwan University of Arts and received his Ed. Master of Art degree from Fontbonne University. He is currently an Associate Professor of Art with Fooyin University and the Honorary President of Kaohsiung City Art Association.Pi-Chou Cheng has held multiple solo exhibitions in Taiwan and has most recently exhibited his work at Kaohsiung Cultural Center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. His works were exhibited at various international venues such as the Asia Watercolor Exhibit in Seoul, South Korea; Asia New Art Exhibit in Bangkok, Thailand; George Town Art Festival in George Town, Malaysia; Art Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; etc. 鄭弼洲畢業於國立台灣藝術大學,後赴美國密蘇里州,取得聖路易市芳邦大學藝術教育碩士。鄭弼洲於台灣舉辦過多次個展,他的作品也受邀在韓國亞洲水彩創作展、泰國亞洲新藝雙年展、馬亞西亞檳城藝術節及藝術博覽會等展出。