Morning Links: Table by the Ofili Edition

Private dining room of Marisol with mural by Chris Ofili. KENDALL MCCAUGHERTY, © HALL+MERRICK/COURTESY MARISOL New Contexts The luxe new restaurant in Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art is named after Marisol and features some interior mural painting by Chris Ofili.... View Article

Matthew Ronay Is Now Represented by Casey Kaplan

Matthew Ronay, Sprout Capsule Implantation, 2017. Casey Kaplan gallery in New York now represents Matthew Ronay, the Brooklyn-based artist whose sculptures brings together a mix of fancifully colored elements that resemble the cogs of machinery or dripping liquids. Ronay previously... View Article

Fall Preview: Museum Shows and Biennials Around the World

Regina Silveira, Biscoito arte (Art cookie), 1976, C-print (diptych). “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960–1985,” Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. ©REGINA SILVEIRA/COLLECTION OF FERNANDA FEITOSA AND HEITOR MARTINS Fall is upon us again, which means it’s time to look forward to... View Article

Gladstone Gallery Now Represents Ian Cheng

Ian Cheng, Emissary Forks At Perfection, 2016. Gladstone Gallery, which has outposts in New York and Brussels, announced today that, going forward, it will represent Ian Cheng, the American artist who currently has his first solo U.S. museum show up... View Article

Morning Links: 26-Foot-Long Wall Edition

Bosco Sodi’s Muro (2017) will appear in New York’s Washington Square Park this month. STUDIO BOSCO SODI Coming Up There will be many exciting exhibitions this fall, but nothing on the horizon fascinates Roberta Smith more than the Metropolitan Museum... View Article

What We Talk About When We Talk About L.A.

Overlay: Clemente Padín’s Missings Miss, 1993, black-and-white video stills. Background: A July 2015 protest in la Plaza de la Constitución, Guatemala City. OVERLAY: COURTESY THE ARTIST (6); BACKGROUND: EMILIANO VALDÉS Emiliano Valdés, the Guatemalan-born chief curator of the Museum of... View Article