Morning Links: Pareidolia Edition

Who you looking at? A pattern of a kind that provokes pareidolia. TREVOR HURLBUT/COURTESY CREATIVE COMMONS Personages John Currin painted one of four different covers for the 125th-anniversary issue of Vogue , with his brush summoning the visage of Jennifer Lawrence. “To be in a situation of producing a cover for this famous magazine, I’m a little scared,” Mr. Currin told the New York Times . “I do worry about decorum.” [ The New York Times ] “Objects are people too: the quirky world of facial pareidolia—in pictures.” Eyes and mouths are everywhere! (Pareidolia, noun : the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.) [ The Guardian ] Massachusetts Here’s a good look into the story of the Berkshire Museum’s controversial plan to deaccession 40 works and sell at them at Sotheby’s in an auction estimated at $50 million. [ PBS [...]