Lorde’s Album Art, Jordan Wolfson’s Log Cabin, Kerry James Marshall, and More at Art Basel’s Upstairs Booths

Kerry James Marshall, Untitled (London Bridge) (2017). ARTNEWS After spending much of the opening day haunting the aisles of the first floor of Art Basel—the fair’s prime real estate, reserved for the more senior and established galleries hawking eight-figure Basquiats and the like —I took the afternoon to explore the upstairs, where the next tier of outfits set up shop alongside the two special sectors, Feature and Statements. There is a lot to see! Jordan Wolfson’s Split Cabin at Sadie Coles HQ. Gavin Brown’s Enterprise has the large corner booth where elevators deposit those coming up, and this year Brown milked the choice digs by placing four large Laura Owens canvases for all to behold. Around the corner, half of the sprawling Sadie Coles HQ booth is given up to Urs Fischer’s interactive clay piece The Kiss (2017), but the other half is cleared to make way for Jordan [...]