Julian Cox Named Chief Curator and Deputy Director of Art Gallery of Ontario

Cox. After seven years at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Julian Cox will join the Art Gallery of Ontario’s staff as the museum’s chief curator and deputy director. (The latter title is one he’ll share with Alicia Vandermeer, who is currently the museum’s deputy director and chief advancement officer.) Cox will start his position, which involves overseeing a group of ten curators at the Toronto institution, in January 2018, if he is approved to work in 3Canada. “I really like the direction that the AGO is moving in, and I like the direction that [director Stephan Jost] is moving the institution in,” Cox said in a phone interview. He hopes to focus his work on helping the museum create shows that can travel. “We want to create projects that we can send on the road to other institutions,” he added, noting that he is currently working on [...]