A Fingertip Feel For the Internet: An Interview With Professional Meme Creator Ka5sh

Ka5sh is an an influencer of the influencers. @ka5sh/Instagram Ka5sh is an an influencer of the influencers. @ka5sh/Instagram You don’t have to be 15 years old to know that memes are a dominant form of online culture right now, with the power to make or break politicians, to acquire millions of followers and introduce new words and themes into the lexicon. For a long time, memes have been either hobbies or the sort of accidental, anonymous creations of online communities. But today there is increasingly the breed of meme artist and influencer—the type who can consistently produce ephemeral content that somehow becomes more than just ephemeral. One of the first people who has realized—and seized—the potential of the medium is Ka5sh , “a professional meme-maker,” as NBC News has called hm . Ka5sh has developed a fingertip feel of internet culture and has become one of the most influential, [...]