Sin-ying Ho 何善影

Trilogy (三部曲), 2008, Porcelain, 13″h x 15.75″w x 9″d

Trilogy (三部曲)



13″h x 15.75″w x 9″d


Est. 3,500 - 5000 USD

About the Artwork

Combining traditional technique from Jingdezhen, painting style that flourished in the Ming Dynasty of China and computer decal transfer technique to transfer modern cultural symbols and images, Sin-ying Ho’s works reflect the impact of globalization on the cultural borrowings and interactions in an accelerated “global village.” 何善影運用傳統青花藍繪畫方法,手繪不同大眾流行文化圖像於陶塑雕塑上,借此喚起人們關注現代科技對傳統文化的沖擊,不同文化與生活方式的溝通以及全球化時代消費經濟與審美理想的碰撞。《三部曲》充分顯示了何善影對中國傳統文化的創造性轉化與大膽試驗。

About the Artist

Sin-Ying Ho is a Chinese ceramic artist based in Flushing, New York City. Her immigrant status and her artistic connections with Jingdezhen, the “Porcelain Capital” of China, have enabled her to create ceramic sculptures through traditional Chinese techniques while also infusing them with a contemporary sensibility. Her artworks are known for their classical forms as well as more modern forms that evoke cubism and abstract expressionism. Ho’s pieces are in the permanent collections in several institutions, including Icheon World Ceramic Centre in Korea, Glenbow Museum in Canada, Burlington Art Centre in Canada, Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan, and Guangdong Museum of Art, China. Her piece Music served as the cover image of the book Utopic ImpulsesContemporary Ceramics Practice (Ronsdale Press 2007).