Liang Jing 梁静


梁静Liang Jing was born in 1959 in Jilin, China. He is a graduate of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Liang Jing is a distinguished professor of Shangqiu Normal University of Fine Arts. He is a professional painter, and lives in Songzhuang, Beijing. 梁靜於1959年出生於吉林。他畢業於魯迅藝術學院, 目前在商丘師範學院美術學院擔任教授。梁靜居住於北京宋莊,是一位專業的畫家。
2014 30 Years’ Retrospective Exhibition 30年回顧展 Gallery of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts 魯迅美術學院展覽館 Shenyang, China 瀋陽 中國
2014 The “Periphery – Periphery” Exhibition “拂” 個展 Doujiao Gallery 鬥角美術館 Songzhuang, Beijing 宋莊 北京
2013 Group Exhibition –The “PARTNERS” “伙伴”展 Xiaopu Station Gallery 小堡驛站畫廊 Songzhuang, Beijing 宋莊 北京
2012 Solo Exhibition of Liang Jing 梁靜個展 Sanheyuan Gallery 三合院當代藝術館 Songzhuang, Beijing 宋莊 北京
2011 Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Songzhuang 宋莊藝術節當代藝術展 Songzhuang Gallery 宋莊藝術館 Songzhuang, Beijing 宋莊 北京
2010 Group Exhibition of Contemporary Art 宋莊萬盛圓展館群展 Wansheng Gallery 萬盛圓展館 Songzhuang, Beijing 宋莊 北京