Our gallery is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization (NYS approved, pending federal approval) that seeks to promote artists and foster intellectual exchanges between artists and art lovers. Many people have asked the same question as to why a non-profit organization like Hwang Gallery would engage in commercial activities like selling arts and getting paid on commission. The answer is a simple one. Conventional non-profit art galleries bring in artists, exhibit their works, and hold seminars to the public. They generally do not involve themselves in helping the artists sell their works. As a result, starving artists often return with empty hands and don’t see any lasting effect on their career as a result of the exhibitions at non-profit galleries or museums. Since conventional non-profit organizations don’t generally engage themselves in commercial activities, they hold fund raising events or have to apply for public or private grants to support their operations. These fund raising events end up costing an exorbitant amount of money and thus are almost impossible to do if you have no budget to begin with. It is not unusual to see a lavish fund raising party that costs more than 70% of the total funds raised out of the event, with the remaining 30% applied mostly to administrative expenses. This is not the way Hwang Gallery likes to conduct its business. As a gallery, we are responsible for the success of our represented artists. Showcasing their works is one thing, but making sure that they have the means to continue doing what they do as a profession is a more pressing matter. As a non-profit organization, Hwang Gallery also requires both public and private supports to maintain its operation. Instead of doing conventional fund raising events, Hwang Gallery brings its artists to different art fairs as its main fundraising activity. At the same time, we take advantage of these art fairs to introduce our represented artists to the world. This will also ensure Hwang Gallery is able to self-sustain its own operation without relying on outside funding to support its basic operation. For 2015, Hwang Gallery will participate in the following art fairs:
  • Art Expo New York
  • Art Hamptons
The purpose of our fundraising is to support our daily operations, including the expenses of holding exhibitions, seminars, and many other events for the public. We thank you for your support and please pledge your donation by going to our donation page here.