Mission Statement

As an emerging force in the world’s art scene, Hwang Gallery is highly acclaimed within Asian art circles. Our mission as a non-profit organization is devoted not to profit, but to the cultivation of a strong artistic milieu. In addition to our pursuit of artistic greatness, we also have a continuous goal to promote ourselves as a leading platform for the showcasing of talents within international art communities. Our gallery focuses on solo exhibitions as well as academic seminars and events that bridge the domains of academia with the refined enjoyment of art. Our hope is to cultivate artistic communities around the world and encourage conversations between artists and aesthetes of different nations. The main feature of our gallery is our insistence on maintaining a high level of artistic sensibility and intellect. Our focus, unlike other galleries, is on the artists and the academic importance of their works. All submitted works have been approved by a professional committee of juries. We are confident in their authoritative judgment to help establish the professional standards of our gallery.